Wednesday, July 17, 2019




  • Actual mowing heights – GREENS .115, TEES/COLLARS, .300, APPROACHES/COLLECTIONS .325, FAIRWAYS .375, STEP-CUT 1”, ROUGH 2.25”.
  • Maintenance and bed detail work around the property daily.
  • Tennis Court daily prep and detail - new watering windows and attention to court detail being worked on with Tennis Pro.
  • Hand watering daily to promote healthy turf stands and promote firmer surface.
  • Working with local authorities and claims adjusters to solve the vandal issues experienced the past few weeks.
Club Championship is upon us and so is the HEAT! We are currently embracing the grind of the dog days of summer and our staff is up to the challenge. As a recap since July 2018 we have seen incredible amounts of rain making conditioning, root production, and a strong turf stand incredibly challenging. Once we finally broke this trend with no spring to prepare grass for the summer months we went straight to high heat and humidity which took our golf course some time to acclimate to. You may have noticed some slower green speeds this past week and this is due to the extremes and us playing defense to preserve our grass for tournament golf. We will continue to monitor the weather and make calculated adjustments to promote plant health when tournament golf is not in action. This only means that decisions to push green speeds my be impacted during the week when day time temperatures exceed 85 degrees and nighttime temps don't drop below 70 degrees giving our putting greens no time to recover. Overall our turf stand is healthy and we will continue making sound chemical and fertilizer applications along sand topdressing to promote good health while combating summer decline.
And as if the mother nature wasn't enough to fight, we've been battling vandals since the holiday weekend. Brian and I have been working with local authorities, claims adjusters, and plan on a property assessment to see how we can improve our security as a club. We have repaired most of the damage to the golf course and are currently working on the equipment lost. I also want you to know I personally installed surveillance cameras at our shop and check mounted trail cameras daily along #7 service road to monitor any movements coming onto our property. This has been extremely time consuming the past few weeks dealing with the authorities and repairs and we are hopeful these individuals can be found fast to prevent future occurrences.
Lastly, I would like to thank you for your support and excited about our future working together making Pine Hollow the great experience it is for the membership and our guests. Thank You!!!

Monday, June 17, 2019


  • Actual mowing heights – GREENS .115, TEES/COLLARS, .300, APPROACHES/COLLECTIONS .325, FAIRWAYS .375, STEP-CUT 1”, ROUGH 2.25”.
  •  Our 2019 Golf Season has started slow with significant rain events. Over the past few weeks rough has improved and playing surfaces have healed from aeration. This process was slow!
  • PUMPTATION– 100 hp. Pump replaced this off-season is working to full capacity. 200 hp. Pump has been flushed and serviced and is ready to take on the season, this station has had issues for years but since the upgrades made in 2015 this motor and pump have been reliable.
  • Silvery Thread Moss eradication program for greens on is going. This process has shown significant improvements on most greens with populations decreasing by 80% but needs to be altered due to some aggressive varieties.
  •  Bunkers have been severely impacted from extreme weather events causing failure of bunker liner, contamination, and bunker collapse. Our hazards have been maintained to the best of our ability but these issues are not going away without renovation.
  • #1 Green continues to be a topic of conversation due to green speed gains over five years and plans are in place to rebuild the green and front right bunker with Macdonald & Sons.
  •  Improve contours in fairways and green expansion areas with additions and subtractions. These areas are part of Hanse Golf Course Design’s original plan and fairway expansion will be discussed with all professional staff before work begins.
  •  Our new bunker built during the offseason is open and provides more practice options. This area will join #10 fairway with the collection from #14 green and add variety and style.
  • Drainage installation at chipping area approach (driving range), #6 approach, #5 approach, #8 approach, #15 approach, and #16 fairway.
  •  Fall Aeration – Scheduled and will be aggressive to improve playing conditions and maintain overall turf health (see attached).
  • Pine Hollow Green’s Department Blog –

  •  LONG RANGE PLAN – Discussion with Committee and Board should take place to develop a Long Range Plan. This plan protects our interests, sets goals and provides information to set aside money. Macdonald & Sons can provide this plan with an architect to help the Club and Supt.
  • LANDSCAPE - #1 Tee re-organize material and add plant material. #3/#7 screen out dumpsites.
  •  GOLF COURSE - #1 Green and Bunker Complex fall 2019. Tee Complex Construction #11 and #12/#14.
  • GOLF COURSE - Cont. Tree Maintenance Plan for 2018/2019 late fall to winter: In/Out House work done with a plan to replant.
  • EQUIPMENT - Purchase Deep-Tine Aeration Unit. Purchase New Walk behind Greens mowers and new utility carts (2019).
  • BUDGET- Continue to look at areas to improve our bottom line while increasing Member satisfaction with our Club’s biggest asset.