Saturday, March 16, 2019


This illustration explains why we wait to open greens. Root shear can happen when our soils are not fully thawed before traffic and maintenance starts. Thanks for your support as we begin another great season.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


  • Property Detail - Tree line cleanup, sweep roughs, blow-off fairways/tees/greens, and detail clubhouse grounds.
  • Continue our work at parking lot entrances to meet requests for insurance purposes by softening mounding allowing drivers more line of sight.
  • Bunker Work - Cleanout leaf litter, check depths and distribute sand, finish rake.
  • Wrap up new chipping green bunker.
  • Cleanup work from tree management – Clean grindings, soil, and seed once weather permits.
  • Begin spring Aeration (see schedule).
Welcome back for the 2019 Season! Currently, our golf course is still under snow but the work mentioned above is ramping up. We’ve had a very productive off-season and are continuing the progress into this week’s Club re-opening 3/15/19. We will begin cleaning the golf course tree-lines from storm damage next week and will work our way from roughs to greens as weather permits. At this time we will follow the forecast and make decisions on reopening the golf course based on cleanup and conditions not by the calendar. Traditionally we always look to the first week of April for greens and carts but if our cleanup efforts are accelerated by Mother Nature cooperating we will open accordingly. I’m excited to get my guys back to work and welcome the membership back for what is going to be another great season. See you soon!


  • **March 3/25/19 – 3/8” Hollow Tine Aeration w/ Heavy Topdressing (5%)
  • *Monthly (May to July) – ¼” Solid Venting Tine (no removal)
  • ***August 8/12/19 or 8/19/19– ¼ ” Hollow Tine Aeration and Light Sand Topdressing (4%)
  • ***October 10/29/19 – ½” Hollow Tine Aeration w/ Heavy Topdressing and/or 2mm Sand Inject Graden (13%)
  •   ***December – 5/8” Solid Deep Tine Aeration w/ Heavy Topdressing
*    Minimal disruption to putting surface (healing time a few days)
**  Medium disruption to putting surface (healing time 7-10 days)
***Most disruption to putting surface (healing time 10-14 days)
Emphasis put on removing 20% of surface area per year

      March 3/20/19 - 5/8” Hollow Tine Tee Aeration with Sand Topdressing
      August 8/13/19- 5/8” Hollow Tine Tee Aeration with Sand Topdressing
      October - 5/8” Hollow Tine Tee Aeration with Sand Topdressing


  •       March 3/4/19 – ¾” Solid Deep-Tine Aeration (no cleaning necessary)
  •     March 3/18/19 – 5/8” Hollow Tine Aeration *may be delayed until fall*
  •    August -  ¾” Solid Deep-Tine Aeration (no cleaning necessary) w/ Verticut
  •    October – Graden Dethatching of Fwys/Approaches or ¾ Solid Deep-Tine
  •      November - ¾” Solid Deep-Tine Aeration

      Beginning November aerate all roughs for healthy turf green to tee

Friday, February 22, 2019


Gil Hanse on trees Golf Digest

In the beginning, most courses in the U.S. were designed to be very expansive because there was no irrigation to speak of. Certainly that's the case with Oakmont, Winged Foot, and Oak Hill, among others. Trees weren't even in the minds of the architects. With the advent of single-row irrigation systems, the fairways got narrower because they couldn't water the entire property. So now they had green fairways that looked out of scale against the brown areas. Green Committees quite understandably added trees to fill in those areas. Trees became the standard. But over time, a lot of downsides emerged. Because trees grow, they eventually limit strategy and shut off opportunities for recovery shots. And they're terrible for grass, period. Tree removal programs began in earnest. I love trees as much as the next person, but I've learned to take a clinical, unromantic approach to take them out. Our restoration work at Aroniminck, Sleepy Hollow, and Winged Foot included significant tree removal. Members think they'll miss them, but I've never heard a single complaint once they're gone.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Subsurface from deteriorated bunker liner #8


  • Pump House work continues with no new news, please see the previous post for information.
  • All major maintenance work on equipment complete, our entire fleet has been serviced, all cutting units sharpened, and preventative maintenance performed for another great year.
  • All reporting for Pesticide applications and Water Usage with New York State DEC finished and submitted for review.
  • Tree work was started in January and will continue with good weather. 
  • Over the next few weeks work will begin to clear areas around the parking lot entrances for better visibility and to comply with insurance concerns.
  • Chipping Green bunker to begin once the ground thaws.
  • Our staff will begin returning at the end of February depending on the weather to start cleanup on the golf course and around the property. 
Winter is half over at this point and we are sixty days away from the Masters, but that's not the surprising part about this winter.  It's how much moisture and rain we've received with the absence of cold air during these events leaving us snow lovers puzzled. Agronomically this has lead to challenging times for water removal to limit damage from standing water flash freezing overnight. As a  reminder with every winter, snow is our best insulation from ice and cold temperatures, but in our current weather pattern vigilance removing water is going to be our best chance to limit ice injury.

As mentioned above tree work was started at the beginning of January. We started with work on holes #4/#5 removing struggling or misplaced trees, moved to #7 cleaning up the right side from overhanging branches, finished the left of #1 where we stopped last winter, and this week selectively opening windows around #10/#11 to view the ponds from the clubhouse. We will continue to be mindful and decisive with the takedowns and have heavy pruning planned in a few areas to help with playability and aesthetics. All this work will be wrapped up over the next few weeks and the remaining stump holes will be cleaned, filled, and grassed by the golf course opening next month.

Even though the days are getting longer and our department is getting the itch we have a ways to go before spring weather is here for good. We will be calling guys back as I see fit to kick off another great year and our schedule for opening and work will all be dictated by the forecast. Until then enjoy the winter however you are spending it and I'll see you soon!

Video taken 2/4/19 - three of four hives at PHCC are thriving!